Autodesk Revit News - Space Naming Utility Included in Revit 2017.1

In Revit, the Architecture side has rooms and MEP has Spaces. Two tools that outwardly perform the same function; but now as Revit has amalgamated, they are now in the same package. There are however differences in the two, but for the purpose of area identification in the model they do the same job.

It is quite a laborious task to manually rename all of the spaces in your MEP project to match the room names that the architect will have no doubt already specified. This is where the space naming utility now included with Revit 2017.1 as standard, or available free from the Autodesk app store for versions 2014, 15 & 16 comes in handy.

If you aren’t using Revit 2017.1 then you will need to sign in to the ‘app store’ with your Autodesk account details to download the utility.

Space Naming Utility Autodesk App Store

The Revit title bar will indicate whether you are running the 2017.1 version.

Revit Space Naming Utility Tool

This utility is only one of the enhancements available. For the full list contact Graitec on (023) 8086 8947.

Check out the ‘Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk Revit’ for a number of additional tools, including the excellent link to excel and family manager features.

Find out more about the Graitec Revit PowerPack

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