Autodesk Revit’s Element Visibility Hierarchy

Revits Element Visibility HierarchyAnyone who’s used Revit for a while knows that controlling Visibility-Colour can be challenging. There seem to be numerous methods available, which can lead to confusion.

Knowing which method takes priority is the key to making some sense of it all.

This blog will attempt to clarify the position. The most important fact to consider is that Revit uses a hierarchy when controlling visibility.

The image shown below is an extract from the Help file, it describes the default hierarchy. Refer to this when trying to sort out visibility control problems.

Visibility control problems help file extract

In a nutshell, the topmost method supersedes any other method shown below it and so on until we reach the bottom of the list.

So controlling the visibility of something via it’s ‘Object Styles’ means it will be overridden by any other method, on the other hand, changing something with the ‘Linework’ tool takes priority over every other method.

The examples below describes some of the methods available to change the visibility (in this case colour) of some Structural Columns and Structural Framing (Beams). Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

We start with the lowest priority –

Revits Element Visibility Hierarchy Object Styles

A. Object Styles. – Select ‘Manage’ Tab - ‘Object Styles’ – ‘Structural Framing’ – Orange.

Revit Visibility Graphics By Category

B. Visibility Graphics – By Category. – Select the element to change - ‘Override Graphics in View’ – ‘By Category’ – Teal.

Revits Element Visibility Hierarchy Phase

C. Phase. – ‘Manage’ Tab - ‘Phasing’ – Select a ‘Phase Filter’ – Green.

D. View Filters. – ‘View’ Tab – ‘Filters’ – Create the ‘Filter Name’ – Define a ‘Category’ – Define the ‘Filter Rule’ – ‘VG’- ‘Filters’ – Select the ‘Filter Name’ - Blue.

Revit Visibility Graphics By Element

E. Visibility Graphics – By Element. – Select the element/Annotation to change - ‘Override Graphics in View’ – ‘By Element’ – Magenta.

Revits Element Visibility Hierarchy Linework Image

F. Linework. – Select the element to change - ‘Linework’ – Select a ‘Line Style’ – Red.

So, if you are experiencing difficulty controlling the appearance of something within your project, methodically work your way through this list to help resolve the issue.

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