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Hidden-line-Structure-2In previous editions of Autodesk Revit to utilise hidden detail you had to add your own detail into family files or use Show Hidden lines and these are then shown in relevant views.

However, as many of you found there was a definite problem with this method – as shown in the image below of the structural framing of a roof plan. The raking steels within the image do not show the hidden detail of the web even though we have the hidden lines turned on. This is because they are not 90 degrees (Normal) to the view which limits their assistance in your design.


For the 2015 edition of the software this issue has been fixed and it will now allow you to have further options when it comes to hidden detail control.

Hidden-line-Structure-3To fix this issue, make your way to Properties Palette and find Show Hidden Lines you will then be presented with a selection of subcategories that will give you a range of views including:

- Display all hidden lines according to the Hidden Lines subcategory available for most model categories in the visibility/graphic dialog.

- Control hidden lines according to the discipline parameter for the view:
• If discipline is set to architectural or coordination hide hidden lines.
• If discipline is set to structural, show hidden lines.
• If discipline is set to mechanical, electrical, or plumbing, show hidden lines.

- Do not display hidden lines in this view.

Note – It is a possibility that you may have to change the 'View Range' settings. This would have to be done to allow Revit to 'Show Hidden Detail' of objects outside the range you selected.

For more information and help on this issue or to discuss your Autodesk Revit requirements call us on 023 8086 8947 or request a quote.

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