Autodesk Revit Tip - Visualising Revit Constraints

Building relationships between Revit elements is very common. Locking a dimension, directly or via the ‘Align’ tool allows us to define a relationship between elements and is incredibly useful. On the flip side, working out where and how the constraints are applied can sometimes cause a headache.

The good news is Autodesk have provided several tools to help overcome this issue, let’s have a look at a couple.

Method 1 – Display a preview.

Autodesk Revit Locked Constraint Choice Unconstrain or OK

The image above shows how a locked dimension has been deleted, as a result Revit now wants to know what to do regarding the locked constraint, we are offered the choice of ‘Unconstrain’ or ‘Ok’.

If we select the ‘Uncontrain’ icon the dimension along with the constraint (padlock) are removed, therefore the constraint is no longer valid. If, however, we select ‘Ok’ only the dimension is removed leaving the constraint in operation. This is where life can become difficult, we still have the constraint but no dimension to demonstrate it.

Revit deleted dimension associated padlock dotted line preview

Thankfully, if you select the wall that has the constraint applied, the deleted dimension and its associated padlock is previewed with a dotted line.

Method 2 – Show Related.

Revit Show Related Option preview image

Secondly and even better, right mouse button on top of the previously displayed padlock to display a popup menu with a ‘Show Related’ option which will highlight the elements constrained. In this case both walls. Taking this one stage further, select the ‘Show’ icon to display the same walls in different views.

Method 3 – Reveal Constraints.

Revit Reveal Constraints Option

A method of displaying ‘All’ constraints that may be active is to turn on ‘Reveal Constraints’. As you can see in the image above, a locked dimension and walls that have been ‘Aligned’ and therefore are highlighted in colour making it very easy to distinguish the constrained elements.

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