Autodesk Revit to 3ds Max – External Visualisations

Graitec Professional Services offer high end external visuals to suite all your design concept needs. We model in Revit or 3ds Max or take the clients existing Revit model, then using Autodesk Suite workflows create wonderful rich designs that bring the model to life. The technique mastered utilises the Revit link. If there is a design change to the original Revit model we can update the model in 3ds Max, bringing the design changes through to the visualisation process.

The design vis team can use existing lighting from Revit, including daylight systems as these transfer through keeping all the settings for global position, time and date. Some enhancements are required in 3ds Max to get a truly realistic vision of the project. Textures also translate into 3ds Max from Revit using the Autodesk material library.

We like to replace some materials with high end maps that include, reflection glossiness and bump or normal maps. These high end maps make the difference in photo realism. One of the great things is, even if you replace materials in Max and there is a design change to the model, the Revit link can still be used to update the model without effecting modified 3ds Max materials.

When it comes to trees and vegetation there are some much better models in 3ds max so these are added along with nicer maps for grass and foliage. Also use of some plugins to 3ds Max adds much better content to create realistic trees at a minimum of memory and render time.

Graitec Professional Services has its own render farm, so can produce animations and stills without the need to outsource this process at extra cost. Using Autodesk backburner, we network render our jobs across multiple machines in fast turnaround times depending on the complexity of the scenes.

The last part of the project is post production. This is where we take the raw rendered images and edit them, mainly using the Adobe creative cloud suite. Colour corrections, lens flares, depth of field and any touch ups to the visuals or animation can be made to really bring the initial render to life.

We have also mastered the process of Photomontage to view 3d model designs in an existing environment using photo editing tools and camera matching. This process can really help in the planning permission faze of a project as you can see exactly what the building will look like in its intended area.

Autodesk Revit to 3ds Max External Visualisations

Bring your design concepts to life using Graitec’s in-house Visualisation team. If you are interested in finding out more about our 3D Visualisation or 3D Animation services just click the button below to request more information.

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