How to Control Parametric Arrays Along a Path in Revit - Whitepaper

One of our landscape architecture clients asked if I know of a way to parametrically control an array of trees (or any other family) along a path in Revit. This was a functionality they enjoyed while using AutoCAD via the ‘Divide’ command in conjunction with a Polyline and wanted to achieve the same in Revit.

Tree lined avenue

Tree lined avenue with parametric control of path shape, tree quantity and type.

There is no direct equivalent (in the Project environment) but I remember back in version 2013 Autodesk introduced the ‘Divide and Repeat’ function for conceptual masses, maybe this could be used. So as often happens in Revit, I could see a ‘workaround’ might be required, and sure enough, with a little bit of lateral thought, it’s possible.

To find out how to control parametric arrays along a path in Revit, download my whitepaper and get an overview and detailed explanation of the steps required. Just fill in the form below and you will be directed to a page with a download button.

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