Autodesk Revit - Easy Peesey P-Traps

On a recent job I need to create server P-Traps, these were big ones on 120mm pipe, but the way the default family works in Revit is not easy and you cannot Automate the way in which they are placed, but with a little modification you can create a p-trap that works on a routing system.

The first thing to do is to create your pipe work, in this case a 40mm waste from the bottom of the sink and then though the wall.

autodesk revit model ptraps pipes waste sink wallAuto-routing will them place a nice elbow for us. The problem is now trying to get a P-Trap in there. It is not as easy as just selecting the bend and changing it as the P-Trap does not show in the dropdown.

The P-Trap that I had loaded was from the standard Revit library from under the Pipe-Fittings-HDPE.

If you edit the family and look in the properties you will notice in the properties that it’s part type is set to multiport.

autodesk revit model ptraps pipes waste sink elbow

Change this to an Elbow, then load back into the project

autodesk revit model ptraps pipes waste part elbow
Now click on your bend under the sink, you will now be able to change this in the dropdown to a P-Trap. Job Done

autodesk revit model ptraps pipes waste elbow properties

An easy fix to a frustrating problem in Autodesk Revit.

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