Autodesk Seek

Autodesk-Seek-1Autodesk Seek has been around for a few years now but it's not something that has really been used and implemented until now – especially because of the recent push of building information modelling.

This online programme can be used by any design professional's – engineers, architects etc. etc. and it is definitely a necessity if you are using building information modelling within your business, and ofcourse if you aren't, then why not? This is the way forward.

Seek allows you to download models, drawings, products specifications all for your BIM projects and on top of this you can even connect with professional designers and recommend products for purchase. This programme is definitely useful if you want free downloadable content for your work.

There are over 66,000 BIM files to choose from so you may find yourself in a bit of a predicament when it comes to choosing what you want to download, but do not fear there is no limit so get downloading today.

Moreover, parametric searching through Autodesk Seek is so powerful it will come up with an item no matter what. If you type in a material, dimension, manufacturer, sustainability then it is bound to come up with a downloadable item suited to what you are looking for.

Ofcourse before anyone wants to download something they need to see exactly what it is and whether it is tailored to their project. Autodesk Seek goes the extra mile because you can view the image/object and then rotate, zoom and/or slice product models.

After checking out the model you can easily download it with a click of a few buttons and it autodesk-seek-2goes above and beyond because they are all lightweight files so there is no need to worry about them taking up added space on your computer.

Like most downloadable content it can come in a number of different formats so no matter what Autodesk programme you want to us it in you can. It caters for Revit, DWG, DGN, SKP files, Microsoft word documents, three part specifications and PDFs.

If you are interested in Autodesk Seek but don't have the software to take part then simply check out our software page to see the range of Autodesk programmes we have available. If you would prefer to speak to someone in person then give us a call today on 023 8086 8947.


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