Autodesk Vault Professional - view and restore version/revision history

One of the great benefits of adopting vault is its ability to retain the version and revision history of your data, so gone are days of copying, renaming and archiving files.

Autodesk Vault enables users to see the history of a file, enabling users to view the changes that have occurred over a files lifetime.

Vault also provides the ability to restore a previous version in circumstances where data has been changed accidentally, or the design requirements have changed and a previous version fits that requirement.

If you'd like to know how to revert to a previous version read-on.


How do I restore an old version?

To start with we will use the vault client to view the version history and download the relevant version required.

1. In the vault client when a file is selected the history can be viewed from the history tab

2. Check the version history box to view all versions if required

3. Right-click on the version required and select > Open

4. From the vault/model browser right-click on part and select> Revert To Latest

5. You will be prompted that the operation is checking out an historical version. Click Yes to continue.

6. From vault/model browser right click on part and select check in


You have now restored the historical version of the part to latest.

Please note if you have a drawing associated to part file you should perform these steps outlined above from the drawing.

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