Benefits Of Digital Prototyping At The Manufacture And Production Stage

Digital Prototyping Part ThreeI have gone through the benefits of Digital Prototyping at the design and engineer (Benefits Of Digital Prototyping At The Design And Engineer Stage) and the test and validate stage (Benefits Of Digital Prototyping At The Test And Validation Stage); but now we are now at the final step of your design process!

It is important to now consider how DP can be implemented and help you in your manufacture and production stage. You may not have previously thought that DP could help you at this stage but with the Autodesk Digital Prototyping solution anything is possible (ok maybe not anything!).

Let's focus on your factory layout.

With factory space at high cost you want to be making the most out of it, so you want to be effectively utilising the space that is available to you. Autodesk Factory Design Suite will help you do just this, in Factory Design Suite Ultimate you can experience AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk Factory Design Utilities as well as Autodesk Navisworks to name a few.

The package will assist you to design and communicate the most efficient manufacturing layout by creating a digital factory model. The software is able to evaluate multiple layouts to determine the best plan for your factory before any equipment is installed.

Simply you can visualize complete manufacturing facilities, industrial machinery, factory floor models, and production lines in a single environment. DP Manufacture and Production

With Autodesk Navisworks you are able to import project schedules from planning applications which enables you to simulate and visually communicate construction schedules whilst your factory/factory floor is being put together.

This is vital as it will run through a number of what if scenarios so that you can lower the risk of any accidents occurring from your factory being inadequately laid out.

Effectively using the DP elements of this suite will save you time when laying out your factory and shorten the period from production to the shop floor – therefore saving you cash and earning you money a lot quicker.

So, why Digital Prototyping?

If you haven't already realised from my three posts the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping will save you time and money. Which as a result will drive profitability in your business and create a product that can make it to the shop floor in less time than in a traditional design processes.

Just one last thing...

For any reason that you still aren't sure here is significant fact that might persuade you to enquire with us about DP - an independent study performed by the Aberdeen Group has found that companies using Digital Prototyping found that they made 1.6 fewer prototypes than those not using DP and 38% found that they got their products to market quicker when using DP1.

To discuss your Digital Prototyping needs and to drive productivity in your business call us on 023 8086 8947.

 1 - Aberdeen Group (2008) Complementary Digital and Physical Prototyping Strategies: Avoiding the Product Development Crunch.

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