Benefits Of Digital Prototyping At The Test And Validation Stage

Digital Prototyping Part TwoSo this is the second part in my series of posts on the benefits of Digital Prototyping. Hopefully you've read the first piece- Benefits Of Digital Prototyping At The Design And Engineer Stage; which gave you an insight on how DP can help you but now it's time to take it one step further in your design process.

I established last time that using DP in the design and engineer stage ultimately would save you time and money. The next step is to talk about is the test and validate stage - obviously where your product is tested as the name suggests.

At the moment you may be testing your products using physical prototypes which can end up being costly and time consuming once they have been made. But what happens if your prototype has a fault or worse completely breaks?

The answer is you have to go back to the drawing board and start again, which means making a new prototype. But if you were working with Digital Prototyping then you don't have to all you have to do is tweak the part that went wrong and complete another test whilst still on your computer as a result saving time.

How do you test your product using Digital Prototyping?

Once your design has been created in Inventor or Alias using Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate you are able to use the simulation capabilities in Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Simulation which gives you the option to analyse your product/design throughout the design process.

You will be able to perform finite element analysis (FEA); computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and stress deflection as well as motion simulation to check a number of aspects on your project/design whilst the software completes tightly integrated calculations that you don't have to do. This means that you can perform more simulation in house which allows you to faster validate and optimize your designs before releasing them to the shop floor or the manufacturing stage.

So the overall benefits of using Digital Prototyping in the testing and validation stage helps improve designs to meet customer needs and rapidly redo designs if needed. Therefore saving your business time and money (yes there is a recurring theme!).

Make sure you check back for the last part of the series on how Digital Prototyping can help your manufacturing and production stage in the design process.

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