It is vital to remember that data is a valuable resource and can cost your business thousands if lost or corrupted with no available backup for recovery.

Standard RVT Files

By default, when you save an RVT file Revit will have set the number of backups to three. Although this can sound like a lot it is worth considering that if a user is saving every 15 minutes then this is only an hours’ worth of backups. If you are having disk space issues, then this number can be reduced, although I would not recommend going below two backups. To change the number of backups click on the save as button and then the Options button – please note that this number cannot be set as zero.

Revit Saving Backing Up And Archiving 1

Also make sure that the location to which these files are being saved to is backed up on a regular basis, and remember that your local machine may or may not be getting backed up.

Workshared RVT

Workshared projects have the advantage of featuring both central and local versions of the files, which adds an extra level of backup to your workflows, and can mean shorter downtimes if a hardware failure occurs.

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