Autodesk BIM 360 - Data, Data Everywhere?

Let’s take a look once more at the ‘Ring of Risk’... and focus on Data Reliability.

BIM is about data! ‘Ya, ya Grant, tell us something we don’t know’.

Keeping the data reliable throughout a project lifecycle is critical. The Revit model contains the data, the lifeblood of a building project. By ensuring that the data has that one to one relationship and is correctly synced with BIM 360 Field, project teams are able to make confident choices and therefore reduce the risk of error through the course of the project.

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The Ring of Risk

When we encounter disruptions in our projects we turn to innovation to see us over the hump (sort of speak). Reliable and trustworthy data spawns innovation. Consider being able to track the delivery status of widgets to a job site. BIM 360 Field is the perfect tool.

We can find the widget by scanning barcodes and then have access to all of the widget data. We can manipulate the data to inform others of the widget’s status. So if we knew that there were 50 widgets delivered to site and only 20 were installed, we would be able to arrange further widget deliveries at a later date and not have potential storage problems on site.

Also, by knowing that there are 20 widgets installed, that could prompt us to inform the widget testers to get on with it. These patterns could also give us better short term planning such as measuring the widget tester’s performance.

All this made possible by keeping accurate model data available to all stakeholders throughout the project, by using BIM 360 Field synced with the Revit model.

‘Data, what is it good for.... absolutely everything!’

This is the second in a series examining risk reduction with BIM 360 Field. Click here to read 'can BIM 360 Field do a 180 on the 80 – 20 rule?'.

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