BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Field are closer than you think!

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions after discussing BIM 360 with customers: ‘When will BIM 360 Docs link to BIM 360 Field’?

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There is no real answer to that. It may be on the Autodesk roadmap for the future, but pinpointing a date isn’t on the cards. However, there is a workflow that allows us to use both simultaneously on an iPad. By having both Autodesk BIM 360 apps (BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Field) open, it is very easy to shift back and forth by a couple of taps here and there. With some clever folder structures and permissions (in BIM 360 Docs), we can easily navigate to the required documents in the field, as well as control QA, safety, snagging and all the rest of BIM 360 Field’s functionality.

Here’s the deal: limiting access to documents in Field can be cumbersome, as it’s generally set to ON or ‘OFF’. BIM 360 Docs gives us folder level permissions on all documents, thus making it much easier to limit or permit access to the library. In BIM 360 Docs, we can set up folders for subcontractors, speciality engineers and any other group of users.

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The most used documents in BIM 360 Field might just be the 2D plans used for pinning issues. Typically, these plans may not change all that much during a project, and it makes good sense to keep them in the BIM 360 Field Library. There may be some other pieces of information that are required in the BIM 360 Field library for attaching to issues, checklists and the like, but why load it up if it is not required?

BIM 360 Docs provides a much better way of accessing documents. So, consider having both apps open and just switch between the two as necessary. You never know, this idea may be closer than you think to how the link between the two might work.

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