BIM 360 Equipment linking and better commissioning

The BIM Integration or Equipment Tracking functionality in BIM 360 Field has come a long way since the days when you had to link it with Navisworks and go back and forth a couple of times. When Equipment Sets were introduced in BIM 360 Glue, we finally had a bit of control over which equipment we wanted linked in the field. Now, we can go another step further with ‘Equipment Linking’ inside BIM 360 Field.

The Equipment Set functionality allows you to group assets together and bring them into BIM 360 Field via matching them to an Equipment Type. It made it a little difficult (not impossible through) to group systems and equipment of different types.

Above is the way we could do it before the Equipment Linking update. Using a custom parameter on the Revit Families (Revit Properties tab shown), we could use the BIM360Group to identify objects in a system. All we need to do was make sure every piece of kit in the system had the same value for the property. By identifying the Equipment Set in BIM 360 Glue as the value of BIM360Group and then by bringing in the ’System Classification’ value from Revit into BIM 360 Field, we could identify which system each piece of kit belonged to. A bit tricky but doable in a pinch and a bit long-winded.

Now, we can use a similar method by creating the Equipment Set in a similar way but we can link the pieces of kit inside BIM360 Field.

Above shows how we can select Equipment that needs be linked together, perhaps in a system and what it looks like in BIM 360 Field [desktop]. By selecting the identified Equipment under ‘Relates to’, we can review that individual piece of kit and understand other members of the system.

This should bring a different angle on Equipment commissioning reporting and provide some greater opportunities to track Equipment Status.

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