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BIM 360 Field SmallSince the cloud has been introduced into our technical vocabulary its’ applications have grown beyond our everyday use of file sharing, Skype and iPhone back up to assisting us with our work needs and problems.

We’ve talked about ‘the cloud’ a lot in this blog but it is no wonder when everyone is looking for easier ways to work whilst away from the office and at the same time trying to gain a competitive edge over their market opponents.

Although it is believed that the desktop setting of the operating system is becoming antiquated it is said that 90% of technology spend is in the office rather than being mobile and out on the jobsite1. Therefore resulting in time and money being wasted when contractors and architects should be on site.

To combat this Autodesk have introduced BIM 360 Field so that excuse the pun you can be out on ‘the field’ so to speak.

BIM 360 Field comes as in June 2012 Vela Systems was acquired into the Autodesk family and re-launched into the Autodesk cloud format.

So unlike carrying pads of paper and tubes of drawings on the jobsite it combines mobile technologies and BIM at the point of construction.

This was available to a certain extent in their older feature BIM 360 Glue which enables One-click BIM access, review and markup as well as Autodesk Navisworks integration on site to name just a few of the features.

But BIM 360 Field is different as it enables you to collaborate as well as report anywhere.

Ultimately it provides you with field data management software for the construction industry as well as quality and safety management, visuals that accelerate field communication, BIM updates based on field data, interactive project website, quality and safety management, commissioning and pushpins for tracking issues in 2D and 3D.

The mobile component uses an iPad application easily available from iTunes, as well as phone and email support to enable field users to work in a disconnected fashion.

BIM 360 Field Main 2

The advantage of having this programme that runs in the cloud is that whoever is involved in the project can see changes and comments that you wish to make whilst away from the office.

If you want to see BIM 360 Field in action then I would recommend watching these videos as they walk you through how the application collaborates with your BIM projects.

For more information on any 360 products call us on 023 8086 8947 or visit our Cloud Services page.

The futures bright. The futures cloud.

1 - Autodesk BIM 360 Overview Video (2013). Avaliable at:

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