BIM 360 Field - The Construction Site is all about Safety?

And the sign said, ‘Please make sure my Mom or Dad gets home tonight’.

I remember seeing that sign at a construction site during a BIM 360 implementation. It, the sign, says everything about the importance of reducing risk when it comes to safety.

BIM 360 Field Reduce Risk Image

As in other posts, we are discussing ‘Reducing Risk’ on construction sites by implementing BIM 360 Field. Let’s have a look at the Safety module in BIM 360 Field (B3F).

Health and Safety checklists make up a large part of construction documentation. Creating, storing, managing and performing them are major functions of B3F. Paper documents get lost, destroyed, put in drawers and filing cabinets. They are hard to analyse and get statistics on. You can’t afford not to keep accurate safety records. They provide crucial metrics on project performance and may highlight where training or more awareness is required.

The B3F Checklist module provides everything you need to keep your records in order. Not only do all checklists get saved in one logical place, they also provide data for vital reporting. We can quickly identify safety concerns and have them resolved quickly by employing B3F’s Issue module when a checklist has a negative response on it.

We can capture Signatures, add clarifying notes and photos and keep it all digitally stored for easy reference. Access to the records is easy. In fact, the whole process is easy. Just tap away on an iPad as you perform your inspections. No more fumbling around with clipboards and wind blowing the docs about. Keep your focus on the questions and your surroundings and collecting quality data.

Safety Checklist Conformance

Reporting is also easy with up to date statistics on conformance and coverage. B3F keeps everything visual for quick reference to act quickly if necessary. Something paper docs just can’t do. Better organisation and better data give us the best chance to succeed.

Reduce the risk by identifying potential concerns early and getting them resolved.

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