How BIM 360 Field Delivers for the Customer

Customers, building owners or even management firms look for a couple of things when they have a building project on the table; budget and schedule. This building could cost a serious amount of dough and it has to start earning that money back as an asset to the owner.

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The Ring of Risk

The ‘Ring of Risk’ is all about identifying where potential concerns could happen. So how do we reduce the risks on a project to make a happy customer. We implement Autodesk BIM 360 Field (B3F) right from the start to make sure we identify potential problems in any of the risk factors. This way they can get resolved in a timely manner and keep the customer happy knowing that the building process is being managed efficiently.

But there are other ways in which to realise Customer Satisfaction. We used to use a phrase ‘Over Deliver’, to let the customer know that we went beyond expectations. Often this came at a cost to produce more than what was in the project scope.

B3F gives us a new deliverable, ‘Soft Landings’. What I mean here is that although we delivered to schedule and to budget we have much more to hand over to the customer. Consider that a building owner in the past, when handed the keys to his brand new facility, immediately hired a survey firm to look under all of the ceiling tiles and map out all of the mechanical equipment so it could put into some type of facilities management application.

If we upon handover of the keys were to say to the customer that was not necessary because during the build process, we collected all of that information and not only is it in the model we delivered but we have the data that can be exported from B3F; that could make for a happy customer. And, all without creating any risk or extra cost.

Because B3F uses the same data from the design phase in the build phase, we could go one step further and invite the owners (or their representatives) to the design meetings so they could add their thoughts on the types of information that would be required at handover. This could make them happy just because they are being invited to contribute their thoughts. B3F also has a workflow where the owners could create issues and pass them to the General Contractor so they can be resolved.

So now all of our customers can get involved in the entire project from start to finish, all thanks to B3F.

This is the sixth and final in a series examining risk reduction with BIM 360 Field. To read my other BIM 360 Field Blogs just click on the link. 

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