BIM 360 Field Issues From The Beyond! Huh?

A couple of blogs ago, I discussed several ways in which Issues, in BIM 360 Field, could be created. There is however a way of creating an Issue by simply sending an email to the B3F project. Here’s how it works:

Each B3F project has an email address that can be found by selecting the inbox (that’s the one with the bell) from the upper right of the GUI.

bim 360 field issued remotely inbox

Appearing underneath you will see the project email address.

bim 360 field issued remotely inbox email

So, if you find yourself away from the B3F environment (say you were on holiday and remembered something), you can simply send an email from any device. I have tried to a couple of different email addresses to see what was possible but this method is only open to project members who have permission to create Issues. That’s a good thing!

You can use the filters to select ‘Issues’ to see the entries.

bim 360 field issued remotely inbox entries

The issue also appears in the Issue list with some interesting characteristics. Here are the details of the Issue.

bim 360 field issued remotely inbox details

The Issue Type is selected because it is the highest Type in the Punch List Category

bim 360 field issued remotely inbox types

The description is a combination of the subject and body of the email. It may also add on any corporate disclaimer that could be attached as well as any signatures. But, because the Issue is saved in draft mode, you can edit everything before it is passed on to the responsible company.

Attachments are also included and appear just as they would under the paper clip tab. The next time you are caught with just your phone on the job site, remember that you are only an email away from creating an Issue.

BIM 360 Field enables you to overview and manage your resources on site. Write observations, manage quality, safety issues and subcontractors from your mobile device. If you require help with BIM implementation, get in touch with us to see how we can help you. For more information or to requets a quote, please get in touch with us through the link below:

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