BIM 360 Field – The Estate Manager’s Friend

We think of BIM 360 as mainly a construction management tool. Perhaps a design tool and in some instances an Facilities Management (FM) tool. Let’s consider the FM side for a minute. If you are a manager of a large estate of buildings and facilities, you want to have as much visibility to the data behind each building as you can. Lease’s, dates, renewals, maintenance schedules, tenant agreements and more.

It is also safe to say that there are multiple stakeholders from around your company and beyond who also require access to certain data elements. What if these data elements were also built into the Revit model as part of the design criteria? How could you get these pieces of important data into the hands of those who need to use it to make decisions about the estate? Easy answer: BIM 360 Field, (B3F).

B3F is very good at holding data (docs, properties, dates etc.) against all types of equipment. If we were to make buildings and facilities pieces of equipment, we could apply all types of properties and data and can retrieve this information in the field of play and can manage it and update it as fast as your internet connection will let you.

Wouldn’t it be great to manage the status of maintenance activities, delivery dates of other products and services, new construction projects and anything else that an estate manager requires? B3F can be easily adapted to be used after the keys have been handed over. If you pair B3F up with BIM 360 Document Management, then you have an ideal mobile data repository of your estate. All the information you need as quickly as you need it.

Manage Issues, Quality, Health and Safety, Deliveries, contractors and plant. All possible with B3F and don’t forget, you also get the 3D model of each building for viewing and querying.

BIM 360 Field, not just for construction any more. To learn more about the BIM 360 solution, read our previous blog "Autodesk BIM 360 – Driving Collaboration for Construction Industry"

If you're interested in this product, implementing BIM workflows or achieving a BIM Level 2 certification, please get in touch with us for a quote or consultancy services through the link below:

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