bim-in-the-cloudAs the clouds reputation continues to grow, so does its application to the world around us.

The likelihood is you’re already using more cloud services than you think. Online file sharing, Skype and even internet banking all run in the cloud.

It’s a real insight into how we’re slowly changing the way we use computing and where we keep our important and personal data.

The operating system as we know it (within a desktop setting) is becoming obsolete and in its place the cloud is starting to appear.

I’ve talked about ‘the cloud’ a lot since I’ve started this blog - with Adris being an Autodesk Platinum partner it’s no real surprise, but the most important point is how does the cloud benefit or affect you, and how can you use it to garner a competitive edge over your market peer group?

Like I said, it’s fast changing the world around us and how we interact with one another – the way we communicate, the way we work and the way we design.

The future can seem very different when you embrace the true potential of cloud services.

So when we talk about its application to a design environment we shouldn’t look for opportunities to import workflows into the cloud for the sake of it but instead look at what’s needed to improve those workflows and consider the cloud as one of many options to a solution.

And that's exactly what Autodesk have done with BIM 360 Glue.

bim-360-glueWe all know BIM in its own right is a highly collaborative process but how do you adopt this approach without creating more work for yourself.

It’s simple really, and at the risk of turning my post into a pantomime, “you can use the cloud”

By having a programme that runs in the cloud architects, engineers, builders and stakeholders (technical or not) can all collaborate and coordinate in real time from anywhere, meaning projects are delivered quicker, with reduced costs and with better project outcomes.

BIM 360 Glue also allows you to isolate clashing elements directly in Revit, AutoCAD and Civil 3D, then gives you the ability to update the model and resubmit the revised versions, without having to leave the design environment once.

I really recommend watching these videos if you’ve got ten minutes to spare. They walk you through an example workflow and highlight how teams can use BIM 360 Glue to collaborate during BIM projects.

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