BIM 360 Team: Contract assignment and Hub setup workflow (2 of 5)

In the second part of this series, we will cover the steps that will need to be followed your Autodesk Subscription Manager to assign a BIM 360 Team Hub to your subscription contract. You can also read part one of this series “Autodesk BIM 360 Team – A Common Data Environment for Collaboration

NOTE: Multiple contracts can be assigned to one hub to either transition to a new contract with different terms or to add access through a new subscription. In layman’s terms, if you add additional subscription seats of BIM 360 Team at a later date, then you normally want these to be added to your original contact and Hub.

Step 1.
Login to as the Software Coordinator on the BIM 360 Team/Collaboration for Revit contract and click on "Access now" under BIM 360 Team. You (Software Coordinator) must have a seat for the product assigned to you or you will not see BIM 360 Team on the Products and Services page.

NOTE: If you just had the seat assigned to you, you will not see the BIM 360 Team access for up to 4 hours. Patience is a virtue I was always told.


BIM 360 Team seat assignment

Step 2
Click on "Access Now" to be directed to the contract assignment page. From this page, the purchased contract can be assigned to respective BIM 360 Team hub by selecting the Team hub and clicking on "Assign Contract" option.

If the required hub is not listed in the drop down, you can enter the hub URL manually in the input field.

BIM 360 Team Hub Setup

Step 3
Once the contract is assigned to a Team hub, the "Contract Listing" page accessed via the Admin panel, will show the details of the contract, along with the Hub to which the contract has been assigned.

BIM 360 Team contract listing

Autodesk will generate the Team Hub URL automatically. If you want to change the URL, then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details, including the current and preferred URL.
You can update the Name of the Team Hub yourself. Autodesk will have set this name based on your Contract Managers details. Have the Team Administrator access the Admin panel and select Team Information in order to make the desired changes.

BIM 360 Team Information

Then, select Edit and change the name. Note that Autodesk automatically adds the word “Team” as a prefix, so you do not need to do so.

BIM 360 Team information edit

Step 4
Once the contract is successfully assigned, the subscription details will show up in the BIM 360 Team hub dashboard.

BIM 360 Team subscription dashboard


Once a Hub is set up, you can create your first new project.

You can now follow up on this series with part 3 "BIM 360 Team: Creating and Managing a Project" which is available on our blog.  

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