BIM 360 Team: Creating and Managing a project (3 of 5)

In the third part of this series, we will cover how to start a project, the types of projects that can be created, user roles and how to upload/import files for it. You can also read part one of this series “Autodesk BIM 360 Team – A Common Data Environment for Collaboration” or part two “BIM 360 Team: Contract assignment and Hub setup workflow


Step 1
Click on the Create Project button. Type in the project name and purpose (optional) and then select or upload a project avatar.

BIM 360 Team create project avatar

Projects can be assigned 1 of 3 types:

Open: Use for projects where the intent is to share information broadly to everyone. All Open project information is searchable and accessible to all members of the organization. Anyone in the organization can join and leave an Open project at any time. People outside the organization cannot be invited to Open projects.

Closed: Use for projects that require some privacy. Anyone in the organization can see the Closed project name in search results, as well as the Closed Project Profile and People pages. All items in the Closed project shared with the entire hub (Hub All) are also visible. Only members of the Closed project can search for and access the project page, activities, and content. The Closed project's moderator must approve membership requests. An organization's hub settings determine if people outside the organization can be invited to join Closed projects.

Secret: Use for personal projects or projects that require extra privacy. Secret projects are hidden from people who weren't invited to the project. Only existing project members of a Secret project can search for and access the project page, activities, and content. Team administrators can't view content inside Secret projects. Membership to a Secret project is by invitation only. If you are using the paid version, BIM 360 Team, the hub settings determine if people outside the organization can be invited to join Secret projects.

Step 2
Once you have a project set up you can access the project by just selecting it in the main BIM 360 Team home page. Once ‘inside’ the project you can then invite project members. In the panel on the right hand side of the screen, click on Details and then on the blue Invite button. You can invite multiple members and also alter their access between Editor and Viewer.

BIM 360 Team invite project

Clicking on Send Invitations will send an email to each member. Members will need to open this invite and click on the project URL link provided in order to activate their access.

BIM 360 Team invite project email

Or you can invite them to an individual project. If they are not already members of the hub (for example, someone in another office), you will need to use their email address. All Team roles are paid, and there are paid and free project roles.

The Paid Roles i.e. require a BIM 360 Team subscription assignment.

Team Owner:

The person who owns/purchases the license entitlement for the hub is also a Team Administrator and Team Member, and can designate/invite other Team Members, Team Administrators, or Project Moderators. The Team Owner can invite Project Contributors, and can enable others to do so.

Team Administrator:

Team Administrators are Team Members with access to the Administrator Console where they can manage the hub, users, projects, and subscriptions.

Team Member:

  • View and access Open projects
  • View all Closed projects and request to join them
  • Create projects on the hub
  • Invite users to projects
  • Can be Project Administrator

Project Administrator:

  • Nominate other Team Members in the project as Project Administrators
  • Manage project details like project type
  • Determine Project Contributor access to projects
  • Manage requests to join a closed project
  • Delete Project Members
  • Archive and restore projects
  • Within the Hub there is a free or paid Project Collaborator role who:
  • Can access content within the project (Upload, Update, view, Communicate, Review, Live Review, Comment on Content)
  • Cannot change roles for other users in the hub
  • Cannot create new projects within the hub
  • Cannot join open projects, can request access to closed or secret projects
  • Can invite users to projects they are members of (pending Project Admin Approval
  • Cannot change roles for other users within the Project

 The Free Roles (Within each project, there are two roles which can be unpaid, or free seats.)


  • Editors are Project members with read and write access to data. Editors can: 
  • Add all types of content (files, folders, and wikis) to a project
  • Manage content (update, rename, delete, copy, and move)
  • Start and participate in discussions
  • View and create calendar events
  • Share content
  • Review content using A360 viewer
  • Start a live review
  • Invite users as editors or viewers


This role allows view-only access to data and limited invite permissions. Viewers can:

  • View files and Wiki pages
  • View and post comments
  • Delete their own comments
  • View mark-up
  • View and respond to discussions
  • View the calendar
  • View project members
  • Invite other users as viewers
  • Project access levels

The role of project team members determines their project access level. The person who creates the project is the default Project Administrator. Everyone in a project is a project member.

BIM 360 Team project access levels

Now it’s time to populate the project with some data.

Step 3

Uploading data is as easy as clicking on the blue Upload button once you are ‘inside’ your project. Data can be uploaded as individual or selected files, folders and sub-folders, Assemblies or straight from DropBox (see it’s even easy to migrate over from DropBox!)

Alternatively, you can just drag and drop from your desktop or Windows Explorer.

BIM 360 Team project data upload

BIM 360 Team will provide information on both folder and file level.

Moving your cursor over a folder or file will highlight tools that will allow you to Copy, Move, Delete, Share or Upload New Version.

Selecting a file, folder or project level tick box on the left, will also allow information to be downloaded locally.

Each project also has a unique Discussion Board and Calendar. These can be accessed from the tabs I the top right of the interface.

BIM 360 Team discussion board


BIM 360 Team project calendar

When an event is added, team members will be notified automatically.

You can follow up on this series with part 4 "BIM 360 Team: Viewing, Commenting and Marking-up". Available now on our blog. If you'd like more information about this product or have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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