BIM 360 Team: Model Compare (5 of 5)

In the fifth and final part of this series, we will cover the version comparison feature of Autodesk BIM 360 Team and tracking changes between versions, ensuring all changes are viewed by team members and versions tracked. You can also read parts one to four of this series on our blog.

The non-Collaboration for Revit (C4R) way of uploading a new Revit file version is to hover your cursor over the file within the project folder and then click on the far right dropdown symbol. Choose upload New Version and pick your file.

With Collaboration for Revit (C4R) this process is carried out from within Revit and will be covered in the second BIM 360 Team series.

BIM 360 Team upload new version

Once a new version has been uploaded, you can select the file and once the viewer has opened it, click on the version number and the blue Compare Versions button. Select the two versions to compare and wait a few seconds for both models to be loaded and their data to be compared.

BIM 360 Team compare versions

Choose if you wish to see the comparison in either a 2D or 3D view.

Note: You also have a choice of “Overlay mode” or “Side by Side” mode that can be toggled from the toolbar
The compare tool will then display your overall model with a transparency and highlight any changes based on objects being Added (Green), Removed (Red) or Modified (Orange). You can also filter the results by model discipline.

BIM 360 Team version compare tool

The Changes palette will indicate the number of any additions, removals or / and modifications. And selecting an item in the change list will zoom to that object in the model view. Information about that object will also be displayed.

BIM 360 Team compare tool object information

When a user clicks on the “Search + Filter” text, BIM 360 Team automatically presents categories/groups that they can use to narrow down search results. This allows them to look at changes in specific groups, e.g. Ceilings or Doors.

BIM 360 Team group changes tool version compare

Note: Though the Versions drop down you can also obtain an Overview of file and also Promote a previous file version back to being the current one.

BIM 360 Team version promote

Users accessing the project will only see the latest version listed directly in the project folder and so this feature ensures that the data being viewed is the most up-to-date and that everyone is viewing the same information. No more Q: “Why are you working from an old version?” A:“Because I didn’t receive the latest”, or “I opened the wrong one as the directory was cluttered with so many files” type conversations.

BIM 360 Team Summary

To summarize. BIM 360 Team does what it sets out to do and it does it well. It’s simple, powerful and slick. Everyone on your team can use it and they will love it. This is a real breath of fresh air for the collaboration between design team members and open discussions with all project stakeholders.

NOTE: BIM 360 Team also acts as the host for Revit cloud models created by Collaboration for Revit (C4R). Training for setting up BIM 360 team for cloud based Revit projects is available as a one-day course, click on the link below for more information:

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