BIM 360 Team: Viewing, Commenting and Marking-up (4 of 5)

In the fourth part of this series, we will cover the visualization, marking-up and commenting, all in real-time. You can also read parts one, two and three of this series on our blog.

Autodesk BIM 360 Team can handle many, many, many file formats and I don’t just mean the ability to upload and download as per your typical FTP or cloud storage site. What we are talking here is the ability to actually view these files without the need to download and access via another piece of software.

Follow this link for the currently supported formats.

Depending on the file format and type of view (2D or 3D) BIM 360 Team will open the file using the Autodesk Large Model Viewer engine. This allows anyone to view large and complex files from within their browser with no requirement to download files and install plugin viewers.
The viewer will also display tools applicable to the format and type of file loaded. The following toolbar is displayed when opening 3D models in formats such as .NWD, .RVT and .DWF etc.

BIM 360 TEam 3D model toolbar

The tools (from left to right) are as follows:

  • Zoom / Zoom Window
  • Walk (places you on a surface and sets camera to eye height
  • Orbit
  • Pan
  • Zoom
  • Camera Hierarchy (Fit to View; Focal Length; Roll)
  • Mark-up (See Mark-up Toolbar)
  • Comments (See Comments dialog box)
  • Hide Markers (these are the Comments Tags)
  • Section (X, Y and Z Plane; Section Box)
  • Explode Model
  • Print
  • Properties
  • Settings
  • Full Screen

In a 2D view such as a floor plan, the toolbar also displays a Measure tool.

Navigation is also controlled via your mouse in the same manners as in products like Revit and Navisworks, as well as via the View Cube.

NOTE: Initially the mouse wheel Zoom is the reverse of what a Revit user would expect. Go into Settings to alter reverse the direction

Mark-up Toolbar

BIM 360 Team Mark-up toolbar

Comments Dialog and Feed

BIM 360 Team Comment dialog feed

Comment markers stay visible as the model is navigated through (they can be turned off) and team members can reply to each comment, thus keeping track of all ‘conversations’

Selecting an object in a view and then performing a ‘right mouse click’ will display a menu offering additional viewing controls for:

  • Isolate
  • Hide Selected
  • Show all objects
  • Focus
  • Clear Selection

BIM 360 Team viewing controls right click


If you would like to know more about this product or have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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