BIM For Contractors Delivers Huge Benefits and ROI

Business Value of BIM TopIf you haven’t already heard, BIM is transforming the design and construction process of countless companies throughout the world; in turn increasing their Return on Investment.

I only say this as it has been reported that in the UK 59% of contractors revealed that using BIM has had a positive effect on their ROI. Numbers throughout the world are much higher including Japan and Germany (97%)1.

These figures come as McGraw Hill Construction publish their report - The Business Value of BIM for Construction in Major Global Markets: How Contractors Around the World Are Driving Innovation With Building Information Modelling.

The report puts to bed initial myths that BIM was only for Architectural practices, as it is clearly being driven by the contracting sector and construction manufacturers (see BIM for manufacturing not just construction post) as predicted.

Since 2007, McGraw’s has been tracking the business impacts of BIM in nine of the world’s top construction markets which have shown that as BIM implementation grows so does the benefits.

Business Value of BIM Main

Many contractors said that they saw a reduction in errors and omissions (41%) and 31% cited that there has been a reduction in rework since using BIM. More contractors have reduced their overall project duration (19%) and 23% reduced construction cost overall having a beneficial impact on their company processes and ROI1.

Of course to companies like us with a pedigree in helping Architectural practices and the construction supply chain successfully and profitably adopt and implement BIM methodologies, the figures are not at all surprising.

Indeed the what must now be unstoppable tide to wider BIM adoption in contracting sector will continue to grow as BIM for manufacturing is also on an accelerating growth curve opening up BIM adoption to an even wider section of the contracting market going forward.

Lisa Campbell, vice president, Industry Strategy and Marketing at Autodesk said: “As greater industry demands unfold, BIM is emerging as a vital process to promote efficiency and leaner operations throughout a construction project's lifecycle"1.

Autodesk were the premier partners of the study.

The survey also demonstrates that contractors are making aggressive investments in their BIM programs but are also investing in mobile devices to make work easier when offsite which reveals that future of BIM lies in getting it more widely used in the field.

Overall the study found that companies more engaged with BIM achieve more benefits and realize a stronger return on their BIM investment than those less engaged.

There is no doubt from these results that BIM’s appeal is growing rapidly and is here to stay!

Read the 64-page-report here.

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1 - The Business Value of BIM for Construction in Major Global Markets: How Contractors Around The World Are Driving Innovation With Building Information Modelling (January 2014)

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