BIM For Renovation Projects

BIM-For-RenovationThe term BIM (Building Information Modelling) has become universally commonplace in the construction industry, unfortunately very few talk about this approach from the perspective of a buildings renovation.

The idea of BIM is to achieve greater coordination, productivity, visualisation, cost efficiencies and a final delivery of what was initially promised. This is straightforward when it comes to new build projects as you will have the documents that are needed to work out where everything needs to be situated.

However when working on a renovation project this can be trickier as all existing documents and information from the original design may have been lost dependent on the age of the building.

Even if you do have the original documentation there may have been previous renovation which renders the original design drawings useless. But don't fear there is a remedy for this – 3D Laser Scanning.

With this technology you will be able to take the first steps to attain and produce an accurate data set to then create a 3D model with.

To take away the worry of carrying out your own 3D Laser Scanning then one of our clients KR Associates will be able to discuss your requirements with you further to be able to provide you with quality point cloud data.

Using the point cloud and image-based 3D modelling software, within Autodesk ReCap, you will be able to further bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world.


Point Cloud data of the old Adris office

The software seamlessly works within Autodesk design and creation suites including Building Design Suite or be used as a stand-alone product with cloud capabilities, this gives you the ability to start your design with accurate dimensions and photo-quality context rather than beginning with a blank screen.

Once you have your required set of data you are now ready to create your BIM model. By having the existing model you can now look how you can deliver what the client demands whilst using the current space.

From this file you can extract the information needed for various contractors including, Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers and other CAD operators. This data can then be used within Autodesk Revit (Architecture, MEP and Structure) or Inventor as reference data.

Using the 3D BIM components within the software will give your project participants the ability to maximise the visualisation within the project as well as integrate your design within the existing model and other contractor's ideas with ease.

Working within a BIM workflow isn't just about creating and processing a 3D model it also allows you to reduce clashes and review your model to gain better control and reduce negative project outcomes within Autodesk Navisworks.

Furthermore, you can fulfill a particular element that is looked at by clients nowadays by making existing buildings more energy efficient. To do this you can utilise Autodesk Ecotect Analysis which will allow you to complete an accurate evaluation. Once the initial analysis is carried out you will then be able to evaluate your model to improve building performance and incorporate this within your design.

Now you can see that BIM isn't just for new builds but the process can be tailored slightly and greatly benefit renovation projects.

To discuss your BIM requirements or talk to us about any of the Autodesk products features in this post call us on 023 8086 8947 and we will be more than happy to help:

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