Bridge Design in Revit….no Really!

It always amazes me when lady coincidence collides in front of me. On the same day I had a client ask me about bridge design in Revit, I was later chatting to one of my colleagues about a non-related topic over lunch, when he mentioned he needed to get back to the class he was running…wait for it…. On bridge design in Revit.

Now whilst bridge design it not in my realm of expertise, I can at least explain the workflow in a blog.

To begin the process, we make use of Infraworks 360 (part of the Autodesk AEC Collection)

Use the Model Builder to find data layers and then build a model for an area you specify.

bridge design revit infraworks terrain

 Next use the Design Bridge tool to place and specify the bridge type and components:

bridge design revit infraworks bridge design tool

bridge design revit infraworks bridge design tool settings

Now after you have finished conceptualizing your bridge using the bridge design tool in InfraWorks 360, you can send it to Revit for structural detailing, analysis, rebar layout, documentation and construction etc. and it’s as simple of 1,2,3

Select the Infraworks bridge ‘left click’ –‘right click’ for menu –‘left click’ Send to Revit.

bridge design revit importbridge design revit import rebar


Check out our Revit training courses for refreshing or increasing your knowledge. Also, have a look at our Graitec Advance BIM Designers which speed up your design process by automating reinfeorced conctrete and structural workflows.

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