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BAUWelcome to our weekly 'Business As Usual' blog for all things Autodesk.

Every week we’ll give you the rundown on what’s new in Autodesk, from products to apps and updates to services.

It’s a chance for us to mention all the things we haven’t had time to blog about and a place for you to browse Autodesk news in one convenient location.

We’ll do our best to cover as much as we can but if there’s anything you think we should include, as ever, feel free to let us know.

Where to start...

BIM for iPad
Autodesk Showcased their BIM 360 credentials by providing a free app for the ipad, imaginatively named ‘presentations of Autodesk BIM 360’.

By downloading the app you’ll have access to informative demonstrations and workflow videos for both Autodesk BIM 360 Glue and Field, as well as what’s new in BIM 360 Glue.

Autodesk Launch Construction Layout Software
Amongst a week of BIM, yesterday saw Autodesk unveil Point Layout for construction. The layout software allows construction professionals to use BIM coordinate information in the field.

Point Layout highlights Autodesk’s ambition for connecting the physical world to the digital model. The overall aim is to improve efficiency and accuracy on the job site and across all aspects of the project.

This product is a clear step in the right direction and truly embraces the BIM philosophy.

Watch the video below

Extended simulation capabilities
Project Scandium is the newest technology preview fresh from the Autodesk Labs. The tool extends simulation capabilities for Autodesks Simulation Moldflow 2014.

There’s a fair few capabilities and extensions to list so get ready, and take a deep breath…

Features include…

New Parametric Study option in Optimization, 3D Injection-Compression and 3D Compression molding enhancements, 3D Part Inserts can have orthotropic material properties, New Core Shift boundary condition, New Results for Midplane/Dual Domain and 3D, Gate Freeze improvements and Dual Domain and 3D meshing improvements.

For more information about the above and how to install Project Scandium for free click here.

Vault Service Pack
Autodesk released the Autodesk Vault services pack 1 on Tuesday providing over 40 fixes and performance issues such as server performance for connected workgroups. For a full list of fixes and installation guidelines visit Autodesk’s services and support pages.

This hot fix addresses a vulnerability that could lead to an arbitrary code execution when loading specifically crafted DWG files into AutoCAD 2011 and newer. For more information just click here.

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