Business Continuity and the Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s in the Cloud.

As the UK Government urges home working where possible, many companies are urgently trying to rally their IT Teams to ensure its business as usual, albeit remotely. Many companies can get by with a standard VPN connection but there are others that require much more security and dependability.

Hello, BIM 360.

BIM 360 has long been painted as a Construction, Design, Review and Collaboration tool for the AEC industry. So, let’s put a spin on this and consider other options. When BIM 360 Docs first arrived on the seen as a tool for the construction industry, I presented a session at AU Vegas.

The session talked about what this new tool could do and the benefits. I made the case for construction of course, but also for something I called ‘Office Docs’. BIM 360, either Docs, Design, Build or Coordinate, are really nothing more than labels that define certain functionality that is built onto a common library of data, documents, drawings and models. Much like your current company servers. So why not take advantage of this and be able to use the tool(s) for remote working in any capacity?

Store MS Office files, PDFs and pretty much every other file type of pretty much every other application you use in your daily workflows. Consider always working with the latest XLS or DOC file. A quick Download from the server, some editing and a quick upload back to the server. Or, even better, just drag and drop the file from the cloud onto your machine and when you’re done, drag it back. Not too much to ask for the home worker. Better yet, minimal IT knowledge or effort is required. A simple email address to logon and away you go. All of that, coupled with the real benefits of BIM 360, and remote working is now something of a regular working lifestyle.

BIM 360 has no data storage limits and comes with a wonderful mobile app for both IOS and Android. Consider BIM 360 for not only your Construction and Design projects but for your daily office routine and quickly get on board the Business Continuity Bandwagon.

Business Continuity BIM 360

If you have any questions regarding BIM 360, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our office on 023 8086 8947.

Alternatively, to see the range of webinars that we have available and to join one of Grant’s BIM 360 webinars, just click on the button below.

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