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Cad Workstation Buyers Guide

With such a plethora of computer hardware available in the market today a common question posed by many purchasers and IT professionals is do I really need a properly specified CAD workstation?

cad-workstation-buyers-guideThe answer in all probability is yes as todays breed of software is as demanding as ever, and every new release of CAD, Cam, computational or visualisation software seems to demand even more computing power (all in the drive for additional user productivity of course).

However that said, it always helps to know what is the right computer hardware to purchase, and in addition what differentiates a CAD workstation or mobile workstation for the average desktop Pc or laptop, and why it should be important to you and your business.

To that end we have produced a handy CAD Workstation buyers guide to help buyers who are unfamiliar the CAD workstation market understand the principal differences as well as a sensible IT strategy to help you maximise your return on investment in computer hardware.

The guide is intended to give a top level overview without being too technical as individual releases of computer hardware are in a constant state of flux, but if you are looking for a new Cad workstation give us a call and one of the team will be happy to help or discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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