Cannot Log Into Autodesk Subscription Centre

Autodesk-subscription-log-inA multitude of businesses are increasingly relying on web based portals for normal business transactions, customer account management, product support etc.

In an ideal situation this should not cause any issues for end users as the internet should be a level playing field, but with a number of different browsers in play these days such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox for example all vying to be the number one choice incompatibilities on occasions do rear their head and throw web users a curved ball.

If you find yourself unable to log in to the Autodesk Subscriptions centre using Internet Explorer then in the first instance try using a different browser such as Google Chrome as this appears to get round the issue in most cases.

Spookily some of Microsoft’s own portals only functions corrected if accessed by Internet Explorer -   so the cynic in me suspects a bit of game play here too, but I suppose they are trying other methods to hang on to their once dominant position.

This workaround not only applies if you are unable to log in to Autodesk subscription centre, but also applies to many other web portals too, so it’s increasingly becoming common practice to have more than one web browser installed on your Cad workstation or Pc.

So in summary, if your web portal does not seem to function correctly or has missing elements/buttons simply try in another web browser first and avoid browser frustrations.

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