CE Marking Control and EN1090 – What Now?

As the CE marking control regulations have been in force in the UK for a good while now, it’s probably a good time to look back and see what it has changed for Steel Fabricators and Stockholders.

CE marking control and document managementI think most people now agree that although the process of getting accredited was tedious and bureaucratic, in the end it was actually quite useful for the majority of companies.

It led many to take a different look at their operations and the way they work, and ensure that what they do is efficient and that the material they use is recorded properly so there is better traceability throughout the steel supply chain.

In order to conform to the requirements of the new CE Marking Control regulations, a lot of Fabricators took the route of adding extra manual processes to make sure essential information was documented and stored. This has mostly taken the form of new spreadsheets, reports, and welding certificates, which need to be manually created and added to Project files as they progress.
There are two main downsides in maintaining this, which are the amount of time it adds to document everything properly, and the enormous amount of paperwork that is now produced.

Now the CE marking dust has had time to settle and the first step has been taken to getting better control of their back office processes, many fabricators are seeing this as a perfect time to take it to the next level and invest in a modern Steel Fabrication MIS system, in order to streamline these processes further, save time and cut down on the paperwork.

Graitecs very own Steel Fabrication Production Management System, Advance Workshop, fits the bill perfectly. It has all the functionality needed to manage your Project Data and documents, and use it for all your purchasing, stock control, and production management requirements.
Now could even be the time to fully automate your traceability recording, with steel production tracking using the fully integrated barcoding along with our new Mobile App!

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