Change The Alignment Reference Of Beam End Geometry In Revit Structure

Sometimes when we place structural columns and beams in Revit Structure the way they connect doesn’t exactly look how we want, luckily for us there are many tools to help us edit our structure and how it looks. When we select a beam, the ribbon changes to the Modify Structural Framing Tab. On this tab we get several structural modifying tools such as changing the justification and end join.

This tip is going to focus on the Change End Reference tool, this tool aligns the end of joined beams to a reference along another beam, structural column or structural wall. We can align single or multiple (must be joined to a common element) joined beam ends in both plan, elevation and 3D views.

beam alignment revit structure reference

With a beam selected the tool is located Modify | Structural Framing tab > Join Tool beam alignment revit structure reference join tool (Change Reference)

beam alignment revit structure reference change toolbar

Select a reference line or element geometry line edge to which the geometry will align. e.g. a beam attached to a column can be aligned to the web face of the column, overriding setback.

beam alignment revit structure reference aligned web face column

You can also align to non-perpendicular lines,
Note: your view must be in Medium or fine level of detail, the tool is not available in course level of detail.

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