Configuring IFC Export tool from the iConstruct ‘add in’ tool in Navisworks

I have previously written about how quickly and easily we can get an IFC file out of Navisworks using the iConstruct Smart IFC Export. In this paper, I will go in to more detail of how we can configure the IFC export tool so as well as exporting model geometry it includes item properties and the type of object from the Navisworks BIM model to be identified in other CAD packages.

What are the benefits of Exporting a model as an IFC file?
The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model is an Open Standard, allowing CAD and BIM providers to conform to an accepted BIM format, as set by the construction industry. Since the IFC format is an Open Standard, it is supported by many industry leading CAD and BIM software packages. This allows the user to export your BIM data from Navisworks and import your data into other construction software packages, ultimately increasing the possibilities on what you can do with your models.

iConstruct Smart IFC Export outputs Autodesk Navisworks models in the IFC 2x3 and IFC 4 format, each selected item’s 3D geometry is exported as a boundary representation (BREP). The categories, properties and each of the property values are stored for each of the selected items in the destination IFC file. The material colour values are also stored in the outputted IFC file. The world length units of the original Navisworks model are used in the outputted IFC file for consistent measurements. Project name and owner details can be assigned if desired, to the outputted IFC file for reference and document control.

Download the tutorial by clicking on the button below and see a step-by-step guide on how to configure the IFC Export Tool from iConstruct on Navisworks.

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