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Construction specialities are a supplier and manufacturing company that specialise in building products and their vision is 'creating products that make buildings better'. They do everything from the makeup of the products and the process in which they are made.

So where does Graitec come into this? More recently our design team did a project for Construction Specialties where they had to produce product visuals of a number of hand and crash rails, doors and beading. They were originally given inventor files of these and they had to import them into 3ds max for re-texturing in order to produce photo real imagery.

construction-specialitiesA key part of this project was producing a number of different textures. To get the chipboard texture the team didn't use the easy method of using the 3ds max library. Instead they found some at our Southampton office and then took photographs of it. After that they imported the texture into 3ds max and modeled it around the design.

For the purple section the design team were given a sample of what the client wanted it to look like and then they modeled the bubble effect completely from scratch.

What took them the most time was the cross hatch pattern construction-specialities-cross-hatch-patternsto the right. Unfortunately the image that the client had given them wasn't in the right direction to fit in with the design so to overcome this complexity they had to design it from the very beginning. Rendering alone took a number of days because of the detail and the size of it.

For the hand rail design part of the design brief was to create an 'exploded version'. From the outside they look simple, but in the exploded version you can see the different sections that make up the products through a 'pulled' apart visual. You can see the internal and external components which is vital for the client's customers. In the images below you can see the modeled handrail and then the 'exploded' one.


If you want to find out more on the specialist projects and services we offer, obtain a quote, or discuss a project the give us a call today on 023 8086 8947.

Alternatively, if you want to see more of the Graitec projects then take a look at our YouTube page, the Graitec Professional services pages on our website or our Pinterest page.

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