Creating a 3D section view of a level in Revit Structure or Revit Architecture

When we are creating a 3D model we can look at a 2D plan view of a level. This could be just to check what we have modelled or to show the client what we propose.

3D Model 2D plan view of level

Sometimes it’s hard to visualise the components that have been placed within the model, so we are going to look at how we can create a 3D view of a floor plan.

Orient to View Image

In the main 3D view, right click on the View Cube, this is usually in the top right corner (but it can be relocated under the view cube options). This will activate a menu with various options, select Orient to View.

*Make sure when you right click it is on the View Cube, as there are different menus when you right click in the main view window or right click on a model object.

Select floor plans image

Then in the next menu select Floor Plans. Other view options are available in this menu, but for the moment we are looking at floor plans.

Select floor plans image 2

This will give us another menu and in this menu we can select the floor plan that we wish to create a 3D section view for.

3D model top view of floor image

This will automatically rotate the 3D model and show us a top view of the floor selected.

View Cube image

Click on the Home symbol (above and to the left of the View Cube) and the view will rotate back to 3D. The View Cube will also rotate.

3D section view of floor plan image

We now have a 3D section view of the floor plan we selected, but at the moment this is the main 3D view that has been cropped. If we are just using the view to check our model, when we have finished with it and if we don’t need to keep it, we untick Section Box in the Properties Palette.

Section Box Image

But importantly if we want to keep this view we will need to save it.

Save view image

To save the new 3D section view, we right click on the View Cube and select Save View from the menu, and rename as required. This will save the view under the 3D views in Project Browser.

Renamining 3D Section View Image

We could now repeat this process to create 3D section views for all or any of the 2D Floor Plans.

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