Creating a Bay Window in Revit Architecture

Whilst training an essentials Autodesk Revit course I had someone ask how to place a bay window, so we downloaded a bay window family and placed it in a wall. The problem was the bay window family wasn’t anything like what they wanted, because it was an essentials training course I didn’t want to overload them with too much info on family creation so needed an easier way to create a bay window that was suitable for a beginner.

So, I decided to try a section of curtain wall more specifically using storefront. We created some walls with a curved wall section for the bay window in Autodesk Revit Architecture.

bay window revit architecture basic shape

We used the wall tool and selected storefront, in the properties palette setting the storefront base level and top level with offsets to control its height. In the type properties dialog box, we then set vertical and horizontal grid layout and spacing. There is an automatically Embed option (if that doesn’t work there is a cut geometry tool).

bay window revit architecture properties

We place the storefront into the curved wall using the start/end radius Arc (and if needed we can use the cut geometry tool to embed it)

bay window revit architecture storefront curved wall

The end result was exactly what they wanted and was easy for them to recreate at a beginner level.

bay window revit architecture finished window

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