Creating A Brick Wall With Fence Panels In Revit Architecture

I was recently asked how you would create a brick wall in Autodesk Revit with fence panels and brick columns, to be used for a garden wall. We toyed with a few ideas, such as stacked walls, edit profile or railing/fence.

But then we looked at curtain wall and this appeared to be the easiest option.

When we do this, we can have the brick wall and fence as panels and the brick column as mullions.

revit fence panels 1

Starting with the Curtain Wall Panel family template, I made a (cw) panel with brick to a certain height, then a gap and finished this with the wooden panel, using Ref planes as needed.

revit fence panels 2

I then created a mullion family for the brick column.

revit fence panels 3

I then set up Ref planes and parameters as required.

revit fence panels 4

Then in a Revit project we build the Curtain Wall using the panels just created, with a max spacing.

revit fence panels 5

Next is sketching of the length of wall.

revit fence panels 6

After this we set up the mullions using the profile created, and place them on the (cw) grid where they are required.

revit fence panels 7

It is also possible to create the coping for the top of the column.

revit fence panels 8

Thanks for reading this tip. If you are looking for extra BIM functionality, take a look at the Graitec PowerPack for Revit. If you have any questions, please send us a message:

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