Creating a Custom Duct Tag in Revit

The ‘Tag by Category’ command in Revit will display a tag based on the category selected. The value of the tag will be based upon the tag family cross referenced to the category. Numerous tags are available by default and of course we can create our own custom tag if required. This blog will describe the procedure to define and use a custom duct tag as shown below.

In this particular example we will create a duct tag that displays a value for Size, Flow, Velocity and System Abbrievation. In practice, it is easier to edit an existing Tag family and adapt it from there.

So to start, we edit the family of the default duct tag and select the default field for ‘Size’

• Select an existing duct tag – ‘Edit Family’

• Select the field named ‘Size’ and copy three times to form the matrix shown below

• Replace the values for the copied ‘size’ fields with the required values. This will require you to edit the label by removing the existing value with the red arrow (which automatically appears when the label is selected) and the replacing with the new value by selecting the green arrow.

• Once the fields have been modified, line work can be added to enhance the appearance. (Remember to turn on the display of the line work with Visibility Graphics) and possibly add a ‘Filled Region’.

• Once the new tag has the desired appearance, save as a version and load back into the project. The new tag will be used as the default tag for the category Duct. If you have any enquiries, please send us a message:

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