Creating a Repeating Detail in Revit Structure or Revit Architecture

Detail components are line-based 2D elements that you can add to detail views or drafting views. Repeating Details Components are very useful when working on complex details. With the Repeating Detail tool, you sketch a path defined by 2 points, the path is then filled in with a pattern of detail components. You can create a repeating detail using any detail component and it is essentially an array of a detail component.

How to Create a repeating detail:

Firstly, load the detail component you want to use, Insert Tab> Load Family browse to the Detail Items folder in the Metric Library. Or you could create a 2D detail of your own and load it in.

(There is a specific family template file for Detail Items).

Now go to the Annotate Tab> Detail Panel> expand Component > Repeating Detail Component
And in the Properties Palette click Edit Type.

Creating a Repeating Detail 1

Duplicate the Repeating Detail and give it a name -

Creating a Repeating Detail 2

Select the detail component you wish to use -

Creating a Repeating Detail 3

You can now configure how you would like to control the detail component. This is done by setting the Layout, Spacing and Detail Rotation.

Creating a Repeating Detail 4

The Layout options are as follows:

Fill Available Space indicates that the detail component is repeated along the length of the path, such that the spacing is equal to the width of the component.

Fixed Distance indicates that the detail component is spaced at the exact value specified for the Spacing parameter, starting from the beginning of the path.

Fixed Number indicates that a defined number of detail components are placed along the path.

Maximum Spacing indicates that the detail component is spaced at an even interval along the length of the path and at a distance up to the value specified for Spacing.

You can now use your Repeating Detail, by clicking once for a start point, dragging the mouse, and clicking again for an end point.

Creating a Repeating Detail 5

Just remember that detail components are not associated with the model elements that are part of the building model. Instead, they provide construction details or other information in a specific view. Like other detailing tools, a repeating detail is visible only in the view in which it is drawn.

Thanks for reading.

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