Creating Advance Steel renders in Fusion360

Do you need to create some quick renders of your Advance Steel projects? If it’s for a client to showcase the project or marketing purposes, then this blog is for you. In the below tutorial video, I show how you can create very quick and simple renders of your projects using Autodesk Fusion360.

advance steel 2018 to autodesk fusion 360 model

advance steel 2018 to autodesk fusion 360 f360 model

With minimal knowhow of Fusion360 it’s a few simple clicks before you can start rendering. Outlined in the tutorial I export the Advance Steel model using the Graitec PowerPack and them import into Fusion360. Then it is a simple case of adding the required material definitions to the objects to give the render a more real life appearance.

advance steel 2018 to autodesk fusion 360 video tutorial

If you require any more information on Advance Steel or Fusion 360, please contact Graitec today.

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