Creating Elliptical Walls in Revit

So is it possible to create an Elliptical wall in Revit? The question seems like a simple one and on the face of it the answer most people would have is, yes it can, especially when we see Revit having the capability to draw anything we want.

Creating Elliptical Walls in Revit Image

The Reality of it is that creating an elliptical wall is not as straight forward as it first seems, lets have a look at our options.

The Obvious place to start is with the wall tool. We have various draw tools to choice from, but ellipse is not one of them.

Revit Draw Tools

If we start of by drawing a model line we do have the choice of an ellipse, so now we are getting somewhere.

Revit Draw and Line Style

So on the Wall Draw Pallet we have the ability to draw a wall by selecting lines, unfortunately as easy as this would be, we cannot select the ellipse we have just drawn, so close... So if we cannot Draw an elliptical wall directly, we cannot draw a line then use the pick line tool, then the only option left is going to be wall by face. Bring on the mass editor.

Revit Mass Editor

So we are going to create an In-Place Mass.

Revit Reference and Pick Line Image

By Clicking on Reference Line, then pick line, we will have the ability to change the size of the ellipse late if required. Once I have selected my original model line ellipse, I can click the create for command and create an elliptical mass.

Elliptical Mass

I can now finish my mass and use the Wall by face tool to create my elliptical wall.

Elliptical Wall

Be aware though that adding dimensions to this wall can be tricky, only the major and minor axis of the ellipse can be dimed.

Adding Dimension to Wall

Although this has shown you how to create an elliptical wall using the Wall by face tool, if you expand on this principle you can create some incredible geometry. Why not try creating a wall using the spline tool. Or even creating a blend from 2 separate shapes or splines.

Revit Geometry

Admittedly the above is not very constructible, but how about using the same technique to create a cooling tower?

Revit Cooling Tower

The massing tool can be used to create forms for all your complex design shapes, it’s not just a tool for doing your conceptual designs. Think outside the box and take your designs to the next level.

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