Revit Tip - Creating quick 3D sections & floorplans

Like many other functions in Revit, there is more than one way to create sectioned 3D views. The way we will look at here uses the view extents from existing 2D views such as sections and plan views to set what is visible in the 3D section, which is a far more controlled way of setting the views up than just activating the section box and moving the shape handles. Just follow the instructions below to get started:

So that you don’t override your default view, create duplicate 3D views and rename them to suit. For a 3D section view ensure that you have created a 2D section and set its extents to show exactly what you want to see in your 3D section. If you are using a floorplan or ceiling plan, then it is mainly the view range that sets the location of the section box. Scope boxes and crop regions will also have a bearing on this.

Open the 3D view you wish to use and right click on the view cube; on the menu you will see the option ‘Orient to View’, which will expand to display the four options shown below. In this case we will select Sections. This will then give you a list of your building sections, and if you look below you can see that some are named and some are not. It is good practise to properly name views that you wish to keep and use for such cases.

revit 3d sections 2

Once you select the required section your view will section but also orientate itself to the direction of the view. You can now either click on the view cube to rotate the view or use the free orbit to move to a custom orientation. However, do note that the view is not permanently linked to the 2D view, so if it changes you may have to recreate the 3D sectioned view again.

revit 3d sections

You may also want to look at the ‘Graitec Powerpack for Revit’ as it contains a useful feature which will create a 3D floorplan for each level.

revit 3d sections 3

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