Did Someone Just Shout FIRE? Revit Fire Plans Using Filters and View Templates

This is a blog which has two objectives:

Firstly, it’s to show those of you still out there using AutoCAD that there is another task which Revit can automate and save you time on – hence just one more example of why you really, really, really, should make the transition to Revit sooner rather than later.

Secondly it’s to show current Autodesk Revitesk Revit users how applying View Filters and View Templates can quickly distinguish different types of view content. Also, how certain default parameters are not always what you want to be using to control things.

Revit users reading this already know that any view can be easily duplicated (with or without detail) by selecting the desired view in the Project Browser> ‘right-click’> Duplicate View and then re-named. This was done to create the Fire Plan view below.

autodesk revit fire rating view

Next I have set what objects I want to see, as well as their scale and detail level via Visibility Graphics (VG). Once done, this graphical information is captured in a View Template: View> View Templates> Create Template from Current View

autodesk revit fire rating view templates

A View Template is a collection of view properties, such as view scale, discipline, detail level, and visibility settings. We use View Templates to apply standard settings to views. View templates can help to ensure adherence to office standards and achieve consistency across construction document sets.

Before creating View Templates, first think about how you use views. For each type of view (floor plan, elevation, section, 3D view, and so on), what styles do you use?

autodesk revit fire rating view create filters

Next up I created several Filters - One for each of the fire ratings the objects will have applied.

autodesk revit fire rating view filters

Filters provide a way to override the graphic display and control the visibility of elements that share common properties in a view. Check which object categories the filter should be applied to and then set the Filter Rules

All good so far – now back to editing the View Template. We can now edit the Visibility Graphics and on the Filter tab, add the Filters (in this case, 3). Each Filter can then have the graphics set.

autodesk revit fire rating view filters graphics set

Now when the View Template is assigned to your Fire Floor plan, it should now reflect both the View Properties and Filter Graphic overrides setup. BUT – here’s the issue that I mentioned earlier about some of the pre-defined Revit Parameters.

The existing Fire Rating parameter in Revit is based on a textual input value i.e. either a number, text, or a combination of both can be used. This works fine for the Filter we are about to create, but I also wanted to create a Schedule of the walls and doors which indicates their fire rating and using Conditional Formatting, then applies colour to the schedule cells based on a certain Condition.

If we were to use the standard Fire Rating parameter, then the only Conditions we can apply are None, Equal To and Not Equal To. By creating a new Shared or Project Parameter for Fire Rating and setting the Type of Parameter (input value type) to be an Integer, then Revit will only allow you to specify a number (with no decimal places). Using an integer will then give a greater range of Schedule formatting conditions e.g. Not Between or Greater Than or Equal To etc.

autodesk revit fire rating view filter conditional format

Now we have both a Floor Plan and a Schedule representing our fire ratings.

If you'd like to learn more about Revit and discover a few extra tips, why not join our free Revit webinars on our events page or get in touch with us by following the link below if you'd like more information on this and other products.

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