Digital Prototyping Enhancements with Inventor 2015

Nearly in its 15th year, InInventor-And-Digital-Prototyping-2ventor 2015 was released in March 2014 and this version has been portrayed as the edition that will enhance the digital prototyping capabilities within the Autodesk manufacturing products.

By using Inventor 2015 within the Autodesk Product Design Suite you will be able to move through the entire design process from the design and engineering stage through to the test and validation to manufacturing and production stage; as well as using the capabilities to maintain, sell and market your product.

This will allow you to discard of your costly and time consuming process of producing various physical prototypes. Instead you can employ Inventor to create many digital prototypes and eradicate the need to produce a physical prototype at the testing stage, as there are a number of capabilities within the software to assess your product.

Daniel Graham, Autodesk product manager identified that Inventor 2015 allows "customers to create digital renditions of a product and have them behave exactly like the actual final product."

With Inventor 2015 you will see more complex geometry as well as more stylized parts that create that differentiation to allow you produce your multipart product simply.

When working within a digital prototyping workflow you have greater flexibility with Inventor 2015 as you can now make use of the new direct editing feature which allows models to be directly edited (as the name suggests) without forcing you to change the parametric data.

This feature is not available in many competitive CAD sources but even if your colleagues/contractors do not have access to the original parametric data. Inventor 2015 is compatabile with the cloud which allows you to share the data with them to comment on and review the details of your product.

To take a further look at how you can benefit from employing digital prototyping within your workflow read our series of blog posts which focuses on the Design and Engineer Stage, Test and Validation, Manufacture and Production Stage as well as Maintenance, Sales and Marketing.

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