Drawing Walls To Brick Dimensions In Revit

Brickwork dimensions should be used in Autodesk Revit whenever possible at the design stage to minimise the need for cut bricks. Tables 1 & 2 below give dimensions for vertical and horizontal brickwork courses, based on British Standard Co-ordinating size of 225mm x 112.5 x 75mm, which includes 10mm joints.

revit brick dimensions 1

revit brick dimensions 2

So how do we use this information in our Revit model? Well the answer is quite easy.

We could just use the table to check the lengths for the number of bricks and type in the length.

Another option could be for us go to the Manage Tab> Settings> Snaps, and under the length dimension snap increments option we can define our own dim snaps, so we could add 225 and 75 to the snap increments.

revit brick dimensions 3

We then just drag the wall in the direction we require and it will snap at 225 increments (remember this is zoom dependant).

revit brick dimensions 4

We could set snap increments set for Brick +1 joint, Brick+2 joints and Brick only (CO, CO+ and CO-).

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