Dynamo & Advance Steel

So after what seems like years of hoping & waiting, Autodesk have finally released Dynamo for their flagship steel detailing product Advance Steel. For those who are not familiar with Dynamo, it is a standalone programming environment that lets users create visual logic to explore parametric conceptual tasks. So what does this really mean for Advance Steel?

Build within the Dynamo software library definitions is the ability to define Advance Steel beam & plate components along with the ability to tag the created attributes. Utilising these library items users will be able to automate the creation of complex shapes & structures that would be otherwise time consuming in native Advance Steel.

Dynamo Adavnce Steel Library

The below video show a brief introduction to the dynamic creation process and how the model updates based on the geometry changes within the dynamo script. Over the coming weeks will create more blog posts on how to work with Dynamo and how this process can extend your designs into interoperable workflows for fabrication, analysis and documentation.

Dynamo Adavnce Steel Workflow Youtube

The software is available to install using a GitHub repository which contains the source files of DynamoAdvanceSteel addin, that connects Dynamo with Advance Steel. Click Here for Files.

To find out more about Dynamo or Advance Steel, please contact Graitec today: 

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