Editing Configuration Menu - Fabrication CADmep / ESTmep / CAMduct

CADmep comes pre-installed with huge variety of content. When you first launch CADmep or ESTmep, you will be presented with the Edit Configuration dialogue box to allow you to choose which catalogue to base your job on. You can also copy the default catalogues from here to make a new version based on existing data.

cad mep configuration menu edit select

Once you choose the required catalogue, you can tick ‘Remember this next time’ and you will not be asked again.

However, if you do wish to change configuration then you will need to launch the configuration menu separately as follows.

Depending on which version of windows you are using will vary how you find the application, in this case I’m using Windows 8.1.

From the ‘Start Menu’ I’m going to view all apps and then scroll along and find Edit Configuration. Note if you have multiple versions installed ie 2015-18etc, make sure you choose the right year, see below.

cad mep configuration menu edit versions

Once you are into the menu, as per 1st screenshot, select the catalogue you require, you can at this point if you wish, untick ‘Remember this next time’ and click OK. You will then be taken into the following screen. This allows you to re-path all of you required catalogue and support locations. This will be required when the catalogues are located on a network or shared location so multiple users can access the same data, you simply change the file path from the default location to the required path.

cad mep configuration menu edit repath

To copy a catalogue, once you are in the Edit Configuration dialogue box, simply right click on the configuration you require and select copy. This will take some time as there is a lot of data to duplicate. The default catalogues are not editable which is indicated by the padlock, however the copied catalogue is, giving you the ability to customise your standards.

cad mep configuration menu edit select copy

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