Editing Stair Railings In Revit

I recently came across the following issue whilst talking to someone. They were modelling a building where the stairs split off near the top going in two opposite directions, creating the stairs wasn’t the issue but adding the handrail was. The stair tool in Autodesk Revit has some useful features, one of which is the option to add hand/guardrail, this is where their issue began.

stair railings editing split direction

The stairs they wanted looked like the one above and was created as two separate stairs using:
Stair by component,
Cast-in-place stair: insutu_concrete 150mm_waist,
Run Left, Run width 1000, Automatic landing
Run, Straight

A main flight (12 risers) with a landing and turning left with a second flight (6 risers), then a separate flight starting from the landing with a base offset 2000 going to the right (6 risers).

stair railings editing split direction creating stairs

stair railings editing split direction railing toolbar

Using the Railing tool within the Stair tool will give us the following handrails. As you can see with the highlighted rail on the main stairs it crosses over the start of the other stair blocking access. This was their issue, and had puzzled over this for some time.

stair railings editing split direction conflict

Therefore, adding railing this way just isn’t going to work for this type of stair, this is where I came up with a different option. Download the step-by-step tutorial of how this was achieved by filling in the form below: 

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